It’s going to be one of those sleepy days

Today is going to be one of those dreaded days.  Lizze can’t stay awake and so I’m on my own with Emmett.  This will be a day that nothing happens, at least around the house. 

Lately, Lizze has been doing really well and her sleep disorder hasn’t been playing too big of a role in her life.  Sometimes though, it creeps back in and takes up residence once again.

Unfortunately, it’s snuck back in and I don’t know how long it’s gonna stay this time. 

Our guests name is hypersomnia

This basically means that Lizze’s body requires significantly more time asleep to feel rested.  In her particular case, for her body to function, she needs about 15 hours of sleep per day. 

Most of us can get away with 6-8 hours of sleep and be able to take on the day ahead. 

Unfortunately, for Lizze, her body requires 15+ hours of sleep to derive the same benefit.

Lately, she’s been napping during the day but not to the extreme that she normally would.  Regardless, this is a challenge for both of us as parents and one of those things that make our situation a bit more complicated.

Hopefully, we aren’t heading in a direction that’s going to make things anymore difficult. 

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Lady Bren

Having a s/d myself I hate how it interferes with not only my parenting but my time with my husband.  Thankfully it does seem to come in stages.  She’s very lucky to have someone so understading