A Cat a Dog and a kid with RAD walk into a bar……

Let me just share how the last 12 hours have gone.

The Cat

Last night,  Lizze and I were watching a movie and we heard this really loud noise.  It sounds like someone was trying to kick in one of the bedroom doors. Maggie and Bella heard it at the same time and they followed me upstairs.

To be honest, I don’t know what I really expected to find but it was a bit creepy.

When I got upstairs, I couldn’t see what was going on.  Next thing I know, I see my bedroom door shaking  and I hear this howling.  The dogs were going nuts but I finally found the source of the commotion and shouted for Lizze to come upstairs right away.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of this, as it would be easier to explain with a picture.

Apparently, Blue (Emmett’s cat) was accidently locked in my bedroom. While attempting to squeeze under the door, he got stuck.  His head was sticking out from under the door but he couldn’t fit the rest of his body out and couldn’t pull his head back it. 

He was stuck and going absolutely crazy.

If I tried to open the door, I couldn’t cause his body was wedged under it.  We had to do this really slowly and as a team.  I opened the door very slowly and lifted up as hard as a could.

Blue began howling as Lizze carefully slid him toward the edge of the door.  She was able to slide him out as I was opening the door.  Blues fine and I both hopeful and yet quite doubtful that he learned his lesson.

The Dog

I love Bella, we all do. With that said, she got to be among the dumbest of God’s creators as she never learns. She always seems to get into things that she shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter how clean the house is or how much I try to keep things out of the yard that she would be dumb enough to eat.. She eats anything and everything that she can.

She’s perfectly healthy and not under fed.

She’s just stupid and the Vet says that he doesn’t have a vaccine for Stupid.

Anyway, she’s really into eating sticks.

She’s has tons of toys and even a toy stick that she can chew on but apparently, nothing beats the real thing.

Now that the weather is nicer, she’s getting lots of exercise. She just likes to eat sticks.

Anyway, when she ears a stick, it never agreed with her and she waits until she comes back into the house to vomit. Now she’s vomiting from both ends. Lots of fun.

Friggin dogs……..

The Kid with RAD

Gavin’s having an interesting day and by interesting day, I mean a rough one.

It began while taking his meds. Lizze handed Gavin his 7.5 pills for his morning dose and instead of putting them into his mouth, as he normally would, he blew on the pills and they scattered all over the kitchen.

Gavin then freaked out.

In have no idea what he was thinking. I don’t know if he did this on purpose or if it was an accident. It’s important to remember that a child with RAD, goes to great lengths to create chaos within the household.

Having said that, while Gavin has on many occasions, done things like this to cause problems, I truly don’t know what happened.

Lizze says it looked like he just blew the pills right out of his hands.

The chaos ensues as we try to find each and every pill, before anyone else does. These meds are very dangerous and we can’t stop until they are all recovered.

You know, there’s no way to know for sure what his intentions were at the time. Overreacting will play right into his hands, if this was done on purpose. And if it was truly an accident, you don’t want to overreact to something that he had no control over.

The joys of raising a child with RAD. You never know what’s going on inside their heads but it’s pretty safe to say that on many occasions, it’s nothing good.

Feel free to think what you like but unless your living with one of these children with a serious, serious mental illness like RAD, you will just have to accept that this is the case.

I’m already spent, don’t have much of anything left and this is only the last 12 hours or so. 🙁

It’s like a bad joke, a cat, a dog and a kid with RAD walk into a bar…….

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WOW! Sounds like a busy 12 hrs… Poor Blue, I can only imagine what that dang cat was thinking. Maybe next time just grease him up with butter, LOL!