Emmett’s Lego Creation: The Rectangle

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I was having a very emotionally difficult evening yesterday.  That’s no secret. I had to take a time out from my struggles and take the boys to see Dr. Patti, their psychologist. Such is our Tuesday evening ritual.

Lizze and I were bring Dr. Patti up to speed on all that has transpired in the last week, while the boys played.

For whatever reason, Emmett decided to build a rectangle out of Legos and he gave it to us while we were talking.  A few seconds later, he comes back to reclaim the rectangle because he had remembered that he wasn’t done yet. 

When he brought it back the second time, this is what he had created..

What’s really interesting about this seemingly simple Lego construction is that it isn’t solid.  It is in fact, hallow.  Considering the fact that Emmett’s 4 years old, I thought it was really cool. 

The way he put everything together was just really creative and while yes, I’m admittedly biased, I’m also impressed. 

Great job Emmett.  Thanks for brightening my evening.  🙂


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Another Lego Maniac :). Looks like a mix between orignal Lego blocks and Generics if I am right. 
I am also a Lego Maniac also, I still want to build a Lego Computer case eventually 


AMDuser awesome..  🙂