Life with #Autism is full of improvisation

Life with #Autism is full of improvisation

Life with my family has been a really long and rewarding journey thus far.  For a long time, I tried so hard to fight the current and make things happen the way I thought they were supposed to happen.

Over the years, I realized that not only was that effort fruitless but also pointless as well. 

Turns out that when you have 3 boys with Autism and various other special needs, nothing is ever set in stone and there is often no right way to do things.

Life as a special needs parent means that I have to be more flexible and sport the ability to improvise. 

Today is a great example of that need to improvise.

Emmett’s not eating much of anything right now because his mouth hurts so bad.  The natural parenting instinct is to not allow him ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, having the ability to be flexible and realize that these are extenuating circumstances, frees me up to improvise and make sure that he’s physically eating and at the same time, provide him comfort from the pain. 

What I did was provide Emmett with a pint of frozen yogurt to munch on today. 

Frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream and it helps by numbing his mouth and providing a hit of relief from the pain.  🙂


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antoinepratte AMDuser thanks, and very interesting insight.  As for the smoothies, we’ve been doing that for years.  We actually freeze bananas and use that as a base.  We add strawberries, blueberries a day even veggies.  It tastes great and most of the time, the kids love it.  Great idea and thanks for sharing.  🙂


Another thing you would try if you have a blender get like frozen strawberrys, peaches, etcs and did like smoothies that is healthy also. I know with there sensory needs it may be different but, never know they may like them. You can blend the fruits frozen so it is a nice cold treat.


i find that as adults, we have often been moulded into thinking there is a right way to do things that is uniform for all people in all circumstances. 
the reality is, there is no right or wrong way, simply different approaches which will lead to various results. It’s especially incredible to see this reflex in action among adults when they are faced with autistic children… or adults.


antoinepratte This is so true.  Sometimes I catch myself being rigid about something for absolutely no reason whatsoever, just a background feeling that it ought to be a certain way.    When I notice, I try to change, but I bet there are hundreds of times I don’t even realize I’m being needlessly rigid…


dotdash antoinepratte I totally agree.  It’s so hard trying to find a balance.

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