#COVID has struck my household for the 1st time and I’m feeling overwhelmed

I’m going to be honest. The level of overwhelmed that I’m currently at is tough for me to manage. There’s a great deal of change occurring in my life all at once and while most of it is positive, not all of it is. To top it all off, we got hit with a whammy tonight.

I’ll just start out by saying that I realize that I’m not thinking about all this as clearly as I could be. I’m distracted and exhausted. I had to move a meeting this morning because Elliott was home from school and I need to take care of a few things that came up at the last minute. After that, I crashed for a good chunk of the day.

Elliott was home sick, Emmett was at school, and Gavin was in his room. My body just needed to shut down and so I did.

I wish my extended nap helped me to feel better but it hasn’t to any significant degree. I just feel worn down and it’s harder to focus than it typically is.

After dinner, I decided that I really needed to test Elliott for COVID. I was reading today that the symptoms of the new strain present as seasonal allergies, at least at first. I tested Elliott and he tested positive for COVID. I’m not incredibly surprised because there has been a spike in his school, enough so that they spoke with the students about it. COVID is spiking all across the country as the next wave begins to wash over us.

Elliott is understandably concerned. He’s miserable but I would say his symptoms are relatively mild. He started coughing tonight and he says it hurts to cough. I’m going to call his doctor in the morning and find out what we should be doing. He is higher risk due to asthma, and he was born with premature lung disease. He’s always been very susceptible to upper respiratory infections. He’s a bit anxious, as this is our first brush with COVID in our household.

Emmett is showing symptoms, as am I. We both tested negative tonight but I’m not sure that means anything. We’ll retest in the next day or so. Gavin will be tested in the morning. He’s stressed out and needs to be in a better place before shoving a swab up his nose.

Emmett’s upset because he’s supposed to have graduation next week, two of them actually. He has martial arts promotion, as well as 8th grade graduation. He’s assuming that he will have to miss it because it’s less than a week away but I’m not sure. I have to check into it still but he’s upset and extremely anxious. Not a good combination.

Poor Gavin has locked himself in his room. He’s emerged once this evening and seemed okay, he’s definitely on edge and avoiding contact with everyone.

I’m trying to keep everyone in there own space right now. We will probably break out masks but I’m not sure there’s a point. We’re all exposed and 3 out of 4 have symptoms. Emmett is sleeping in the living room tonight because he wants to. Everyone else in their respective rooms for the night.

The school year ends next week but it might be done for us now. I have to call the schools in the morning to call everyone off and explain. Elliott’s high school has a contract tracer we will have to speak with. Beyond that, I’m at a loss and taking it one step at a time.

I’m feeling overwhelmed and really tired. I only have a few meetings left this week and I should be able to pull them off without much trouble. I just have to work on production for Monday’s episode and I can do that in bed if I need to.

There’s a lot going on in my head. Everything is just sorta racing around and honestly, it’s shutting me down.

On the positive side of things, we’re all fully vaccinated and boosted. The boys missing school isn’t going to be a huge deal cause school is basically done already. It’s all end of the year stuff right now. Gavin’s infusions are going well, and he should be fine.

I’m most caught up on work. I’m starting my new job soon and it’s fully remote, so it’s not going to be impacted by this, assuming everything remains mild.

Tonight, I’m just trying to remain centered and not get stuck in my head. Sometimes things happen and it feels like my whole world is falling apart. It’s important that I remain focused on the facts and not my feelings. I keep reminding myself and for the most part, it’s working. Elliott testing positive for COVID has pushed me a bit more than I’d like. I’m anxious because it’s just me and there’s so much going on. At least it feels like so much is going on.

Anyway, I feel a little better after writing this. It’s relieved some of the pressure for the moment. No one has to get up in the morning, so assuming the kids sleep, I should be able to sleep as well. Tomorrow is a new day and I will make the best of it.

I’m so grateful for all the things going well in my life right now. Work is amazing, progress on the house is moving forward, my ADHD testing is done, and while we’re dealing with COVID, it appears to be mild. These are all things to be grateful for and I don’t want to ever lose sight of that.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

Wishing a speedy recovery for you and your boys. It’s good you are all vaccinated and boosted.


Good luck!