Making tough decisions about Occupational Therapy

After Emmett and I feel asleep on the couch this afternoon, Lizze woke me up in time to pick up Gavin and Elliott from school and get them to Occupational Therapy.


Elliott is set to continue OT throughout the summer but Gavin’s future remains less certain.

Between Gavin’s extremely low threshold for frustration and all of his health problems, it’s getting more and more difficult to work with him. 

As I mentioned previously, Gavin’s taking a break from speech because he gets way to upset during each session. This brings up health related concerns and so after much discussion, we’ve pulled the plug on speech, at least for the summer.

We have to make a similar decision about OT now as well.

Gavin needs to have more adult things when it comes to OT. He can’t do the crashing and slamming into things that he really likes to do and that frustrates him.  He needs to more muscle strengthening and less physical exertion.

Hopefully, we can get him to accept the switch and hurt sorta roll with it. 

I can’t blame him for being frustrated, especially when so much is being taking away for health elated reasons.

Like I’ve said many times before, we have to pick the best of the bad ideas and go with it.  🙁

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Michelle Davis

Been praying & concerned about the cps issue, thanks for keeping everyone posted