Elliott's Artwork: The Jellyfish -

Elliott’s Artwork: The Jellyfish

Elliott is now at the point in the school year that he’s bringing home all his artwork from this year.  This is exciting for me because I get a rush or fresh pictures that I can proudly share with all of you.  🙂

This particular picture is very clearly a Jellyfish. You can even see the little electric bolts at the tips of the tentacles, symbolizing the fact that they sting. 

Beautiful Elliott.  🙂


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Very creative.
I was at the local zoo not too long ago and saw some jellyfish in the aquarium that looked like bits of lace. Beautiful creatures. I also saw some of the round mushroom-looking types that were as small as a quarter — babies I guess — and some that were as large as a Frisbee.


MeaghanGood we are going to be taking the boys to the Akron Zoo this month.  We haven’t told them yet but they will be super excited.  🙂


lostandtired MeaghanGood I think I’ve been there. I’ve been to just about every zoo in Ohio, and lots in Michigan and Indiana too. The “local zoo” where I saw the jellyfish was the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana.

Frances Palmer

Beautiful drawing x

Shalina J Black

Excellent artwork! 😀

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