So far I’m kicking ass today

So far I’m kicking ass today

It’s a brand new day and while we overslept a little bit, the kids got to school on time. I was able to go walking this morning with Gavin and my Mom. I even took Gavin for his blood work afterwards. ☺

The plan for the day is to pick up the boys from school at noon and then head to Akron Children’s Behavioral Health for monthly med checks. That means I have back to back appointments there this afternoon but it sure as hell beats two trips.

On the way home, I’m dropping the kids off with Lizze and her Mom for her Wednesday visit. The kids will be home after dinner but I’m glad their getting some time with their mom.

It looks like we’re finally getting into a more predictable schedule and that’s greatly appreciated. The kids need the predictability and I need know what’s happening in advance. It also ensures that her parents are getting predictable breaks as well and that’s important because they play a vital role here.

Aside from this being necessary in the first place, it’s good news. Anything that makes this nightmare more manageable is a positive thing in my book.

As for my brief reprieve this afternoon, I’ll probably get some work done. I have to finish prepping Fridays episode, as well as get some emails and invoices drafted. It’s so hard to get this stuff done with the kids home cause I’m constantly putting out fires, breaking up fights and fielding endless questions. I’d love to take a nap but you know, priorities..

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