#Autism and the haircut -

#Autism and the haircut

Gavin’s had the same haircut for the last couple of years. Not everyone likes it, but he does and it makes a lot of things easier. 

When he came home from his extended stay at his Grandparents house , he hadn’t had his favorite haircut since he moved out. 

He’s delving deeper and deeper into puberty and his favorite haircut now serves a new purpose.  It keeps his oily hair off his forehead and helps to cut down on the acne issues that face many a teens.

This is a before and after shot of Gavin and his haircut. 

I may be a bit biased but I think he has a really nice head for this particular haircut.  🙂


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I like it a lot. He does have the perfect shaped head for that cut. Glad it makes things easier for all of you.


I use to have Long hair, I hated it so now I like short hair little to low maintenance. But in Gavins chase it also helps him for 2 things puberty yes but also from pulling his hair during his tantrum if you think about it.

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