The 2012/2013 School Year is officially over

The 2012/2013 School Year is officially over

It’s hard to believe the school year is over. All three boys will be home, everyday for the next 3 months.  🙂

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t bittersweet.

Having said that, today is a victory because both boys made it through the entire school year.  Elliott was never in question but with Gavin’s health issues, we never knew what was going to happen next. 

Last year, Gavin didn’t make it through the whole year.  We had to pull him out for the last month or so because his health deteriorated.

Tonight we are going to celebrate with a very simple cookout on our homely little grill. 

I feel good.  I feel like we accomplished something.  🙂

Later on, I’ll share the awards the boys earned… 🙂


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My boyfriend is a teacher (8th grade) and today was the last day for him too. He came home in a very bad mood. One of his students got arrested. The kid was sent not to juvy but to actual jail, too. He (the student) just went off and started beating the tar out of another boy, and my boyfriend had to pull them apart. My boyfriend’s huge but he was actually afraid this boy was going to hurt him, the boy is also big and was very angry. But as soon as my boyfriend pulled the two apart, the aggressor calmed down and acted as if the whole thing had happened to someone else.
My boyfriend feels very sorry for the arrested boy and thinks this was not an ordinary fight and something else was going on, perhaps drugs, he’s not sure. But in any case he’s locked up and will probably be expelled. My boyfriend has students he basically writes off as hopeless cases but until today that kid hadn’t been one of them…

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