How do your kids watch TV? -

How do your kids watch TV?

This is how my kids were watching TV the other day.  The problem is that I couldn’t see through them, as they aren’t made of glass.  😉

They felt the need to sit on my lap, while I was trying to watch King of the Hill.

How do your kids like to watch TV?


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Sherie Allen

on my lap usually or right in front of the tv cant get any closer, upside down on the lounge or on the floor with a pillow and blanky mostly on top of me but and they wont let me up. I too have 3 boys on the spectrum

Stefanie Sacks

what do you mean how do we watch tv lol


I thought to myself “since when did Emmett get a ponytail in his hair” and then realized it was his glasses strap.

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