Child Protective Services Investigation: Update 6/11/2013

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You know, I guess there really isn’t much to report at this point, no pun intended.  Having said that, I have been thinking a lot about this while thing. 

I have an ongoing poll right now, trying to get an idea of how many people have been through something similar to us. Check out the stickied post on the top of my home page a cast your vote. 


It’s interesting and by interesting, I mean sad or even scary. So far, we’ll over a hundred people have voted in the poll and it show that an overwhelming amount of people, have had CPS called on them for fictitious reasons.

Even sadder is that fact that almost half of those that answered yes, also said they’ve had this happen more than once.

I’m going to eventually do a big write up and share everything that I’ve learned during this experience.

Back to our story…..

We were interviewed a week ago and I was told they would be calling me this week.  All we are waiting on is feedback from our medical teams.  Once they have verified our story, we can begin the process of putting this behind us. 

I hate the waiting though.  It feels like an eternity that is full of uncertainty.  It’s not over until it’s over.

When I finally get that letter of vindication, I’m framing it and hanging it on the wall because I never want to forget what we’ve been through. 

It’s a perspective thing for me. 

Despite how crappy this whole thing has been, I’m determined not to let the person who did this to my family, win.

There will be positives that come out of this…

I’ll keep you all updated every other day or so, barring new information.

Thank you all again, for all your love and support.  🙂

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To anon, I don’t think that he doesn’t realize he is wrong.  I think that he is admitting that he is human, right or wrong.  I have seen the video that you are talking about .I don’t think that having special needs children, we can’t all say we haven’t been to this point..learning how to deal with this different life is hard, and I am glad that there is someone “saying it”  I am curious to know if you have a child on spectrum?


@Annoymous know what is it people like you that hide behind a keyboard and screen just spewing hate on message boards and blogs that I hate about the people today on the web. Also you choose to do post with no identity just for you can post hate. I have a felling that you are trolling pages like this to just start drama with the other readers on the site because you think it is fun.


AMDuser I totally appreciate your comment. Unfortunately, there will always be people out there like this.  It’s sad but I’m not even going to dignify this person with response.  Thanks again for being who you are.  🙂


I’m glad CPS is looking at your family.  I’ve always felt you treat Gavin very badly.  I’m glad your YouTube videos taunting Gavin have been taken down.  And the sad thing is you will never ever realize you are wrong.


@Annoymous Wow.  You should be very very careful.  We are all of us just trying to be the best parents we can be, and maybe we fail sometimes (I know I do), but we are all trying.  Can you even imagine how much worse off these children would be in any other situation?  How much worse off almost any child is without their parents, taken away from the people they love, and thrust into an alien situation?  Even if you disagree with some aspects of someone’s parenting (who doesn’t, even within a family), to wish CPS on them is horrid.  Plus – bad karma, dude.


@Annoymous I suggest you think about your worst moment as a human being or a parent (and I suspect you have no children) and ask yourself whether you’d want it memorialized in film or for your entire person to be judged on it.


Deborah2013 dotdash thank you both very much.  Your kind words and support mean a lot.