We took storm damage

Apparently, we had a really bad storm last night.  I didn’t notice it because I listen to a playlist of thunderstorms on Google Music.  Lizze and I enjoy listening to storms and other sounds of nature at night. 

Anyway, Lizze has been up since 2am-ish, because the real storm caused her a great deal of fibromyalgia related pain.

Keeping her company was the always anxious, always convinced that every strong wind is going to lead to a tornado, Mr. Elliott Richard. The storm scared him so he and Lizze hung out, neither able to fall back asleep.

Me on the other hand, I love storms and so I slept right through it ..

We I woke up this morning, I realized that we actually got hit pretty good because we had branches down. 

Ironically and in true Lost and Tired family tradition, everyone around us is storm damage free.  It’s like mother nature targeted our property and literally tippy toed around everyone else’s. 

Update: After reading this, my neighbor informed me that she had already been outside and cleaned up her branches, just prior to me taking these pictures. That’s pretty funny and now I feel a bit less targeted now. 😀

Seriously though, it appears that we are the only ones that took storm damage. 

Thankfully, the damage was minimal, but still…….

Story of my life.  🙁




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Ever thought about teaching Elliot how to read radar images? Give him the information to be able to tell a storm apart from a tornado. That may or may not be a good idea. I dont know, but it works for me with my storm anxiety. Knowing the information and being able to tell where it’s at or where it’s coming toward. I’m possibly going to be taking a meterology class in college soon too.

Lost and Tired


Kerry Russell

Yup. I didn’t get them all, but most of them. Nothing huge tho. Full tree down a block away

Lost and Tired

Really? I thought it was weird that we were the only ones with storm damage. 🙂 that’s funny.

Kerry Russell

Glad I picked up my branches b4 u took this pic!!! Lol


my neighbor commented on this post on Facebook and said that she had already picked up her branches before going to work.  
Now I feel a bit less targeted.  🙂


my mom is Couple blocks from you and their power is out.


MariaHall that sucks.  I guess the storm was pretty crazy.


think of it this way…. now you won’t have to figure out how to trim those branches this summer 😉


agenthner so true.