Lizze update -

Lizze update

She got home a little while ago. They said she has neuropathy.  I need to research that. She was very clear she wasn’t after drugs or pain killers but they insisted she get something to take the edge off so they were comfortable sending her home. They gave her steroids and pain killers until she can get back to pain management. We have to call Dr. D to make sure the surgery is still a go because of the steroids. The ER doc said it should be fine but check to make sure. Thanks for the prayers…

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Aunt Sharon

Neuropathy is nerve damage that continues to progress. It's what Grams has from her feet to her knees and in her hands. She has slowly lost feeling in those areas. For instance she has a hard time walking because she can't feel her feet. At some point she'll be wheelchair bound. Never the less she still has pain. They treat it with Neurotin, a nerve medication. I don't know where it comes from. With her it was her septis infection that damaged her nerves.

Lost and Tired

Thanks for that explaination. That made a lot of sense. Once the surgery is dine we will have to finish the testing for that.

Thanks 🙂

David Rice (wudstock

I can relate to a spouse dealing with the neuropathy issue. My wife has suffered with it since her chemo. Still praying for ya'll.

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