What happened at yesterday's wraparound meeting? -

What happened at yesterday’s wraparound meeting?

One of my readers sent me a message on Google Hangout, asking about what happened at yesterday’s wraparound meeting. 

I never did get around to that and so here you go.

Yesterday’s wraparound meeting turned out to be relatively pointless. Almost half the team was unable to attend at the last minute and so nothing really got accomplished. 


It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Sometimes things come up and when you’re in a public service profession, things happen  and you have to do your job.

With that said, we did bring those that were present, up to date on what was going on and what needed to happen. 

We have a tentative meeting scheduled for the week of June 20th but it probably won’t because in my opinion, there wasn’t really a need to make another meeting before the teachers are gone for the summer. They do so much during the year and deserve some downtime. 

Our case manager is going to call me that week and if we need the meeting, we’ll have it and if not, we won’t. 

Pretty uneventful but there you have it.  🙂

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