Dammit Jim, I’m an #Autism Dad not a slinky untangler

I’m not sure how many of you can appreciate the title but it’s a classic Star Trek reference.  🙂

I know my kids love the slinky, I mean what kid doesn’t?  I myself have grown to hate the slinky and it’s propensity for getting tangled. I do everything in my power to avoid the slinky ever visiting my house. 

I’m not trying to be mean. I’m trying to avoid the inevitable backlash that occurs when the slinky meets it’s untimely demise.

Emmett received a slinky the other day. 

In can’t remember where he got it from now.  🙁

Anyway, I’ve untangled that darn thing so many times already. I hate slinkies because even if you manage to untangle them, they’re never the same.  They end up bent up and out of shape. 

Emmett hates the fact that they get bent up and out of shape. 

Can you say meltdown. 🙁


Emmett’s such a sweet kid and I always try anyways.

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I miss my slinky because it was a nice metal one when I was a kid.