With any luck....... -

With any luck…….

Thankfully, the boys slept straight through the night.  I slept on the other couch and Lizze slept upstairs because it was physically best for her. 

I slept pretty well but got up with the boys, bright and early at 6am.

When Lizze woke up, I was able to go lay down for a few and that was awesome. 

Right now I’m waiting for a few phone calls, Dominion East Ohio Gas being one of them.  I need to confirm the payment amount and the hold time is almost 2 hours.. I need to actually speak to someone or else I would simply log in online. 

With any luck, I will be able to report that the gas has been turned back on, by this evening.


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I really hope you get you Gas back soon x


SarahChierico thanks… Me too.  🙂

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