Please keep Lizze in your thoughts and prayers today -

Please keep Lizze in your thoughts and prayers today

Today has only just begun and the Lost and Tired train has already derailed. Lizze is in a great deal of pain this morning so shes back in bed. I believe it’s mostly her migraine that has her down at the moment. She’s basically hiding from the light at this point because she’s very sensitive to daylight……and no, she’s not a vampire.

Lizze was supposed to have therapy this morning but she’s so bad that she canceled.

She lives for these appointments and for her to cancel, means that she’s in really bad shape. She’s taken her meds and is laying down. Hopefully in a few hours, she’ll at least be able to move around again.

If you could all keep her in your thoughts and prayers today, I would really appreciate it. She would never ask for this but I will in her stay.

Thank you so much……..

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