Custom Built Weighted Blanket by DreamCatcher [Giveaway]

Custom Built Weighted Blanket by DreamCatcher 



Lost and Tired has partnered with DreamCatcher  in order to provide one lucky reader with a custom built weighted blanket, valued at $200. The is an amazing giveaway and I’m so excited to be able to host this. As a father to 3 boys in various places on the Autism Spectrum, I’m uniquely aware of just how important weighted blankets can be to a special needs child or even adult. Weighted blankets are especially useful to those with sensory processing disorder. My son Emmett has been using a custom built weighted blanket by DreamCatcher since the end of August. Amazing is all I can say.   

You can read my previous review here

Why do you want a weighted blanket?

For one thing, it’s free. However, more importantly, a weighted blanket can provide a great deal of sensory relief for your Autistic or other special needs child, with sensory processing challenges. A weighted blanket provides pressure or deep pressure, depending on the weight of the blanket, and helps with sleep and relaxation. Below is a quote from the DreamCatcher website that does a really good job of explaining the benefits of weighted blankets.

In researching weighted therapy for sleep and calming, we talked  with many therapists, medical professionals and experts in the sensory integration field, and  have learned a great deal about how and why weighted products work the way they do.  The very short version of the theory behind how DreamCatcher tm weighted products work, is the deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS) supplied by the weight in our products , is believed to release a chemical in the brain, which naturally calms.

Serotonin is the chemical that functions as a  neurotransmitter (chemical communicator).  Serotonin is thought to be involved in inducing sleep, sensory perception, temperature regulation, and control of mood. Studies have  shown that serotonin may be  released by deep pressure touch stimulation. Massage and deep pressure releases both serotonin and endorphins. The serotonin acts as a calming mediator for the body while the endorphins act as a happy stimulator for the brain. Together they can bring pleasurable feelings and general elevated moods in both your body and mind.  It calms you when feeling anxious.

So what does this giveaway include?

DreamCatcher will ask you many questions. These questions will help them to build a weighted blanket to meet your specific needs. You can choose things like, color, design, material, weight and backing.


UPDATE: All links in the entry boxes have been fixed. Sorry about that…

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Sandi isn’t the only person who has had trouble with this company.  They claim to help with documentation for Insurance DME Claims.  However when I contacted them for the documentation my insurer wanted, not only did they refuse to directly answer my request, they gave me sales pitches and arguments – and then accused ME of being argumentative when I insisted that I wanted a response to my actual request, not all this other stuff.
I replied I was sorry they thought I was arguing when I simply wanted a reply to my request.  I told them that so far this experience was terrible Customer Serviceand they should be answering what their potential customer asked, not anything but what they asked.
The response was basically a threat to report me to my employer – for what I have no idea, though I suppose it serves me right for inquiring from work.  It’s really the only time I have to conduct my own healthcare inquiries though and an email here and there isn’t a big drag on my time.
Still, this treatment was not only uncalled for but incredibly rude and unprofessional.  I would urge people to buy from any other maker than them.  If they treat potential customers this way they do not deserve your custom.  I am incredibly disappointed as I had heard and believed this was a really nice family company.


@Amy You know, I haven’t had that experience personally. However, they are impossible to get ahold of. I have waited weeks for replys.

Rhiannon Fieri

The Google Friend Connect bit isn't working for me, no matter how many times I refresh. Neither is the Fence voting bit. Boo. Aside from the fact that doing these things is well-deserved anyway, I could use all the entries I can get. Now that Ash is finally sleeping with blankets over him, a good weighted blanket would be a dream for his needs, so to speak. He has a small weighted blanket that he got through Early Intervention as a toddler, but it is pretty much just a lap pad, and also remarkably un-snuggly for something that calls itself a blanket. For my tactile boy, that just doesn't do!


I been searching your site for the GFC followers. Where can I find it at? I have refreshed my page like 10 times.


So…I clearly cannot brain today or any day as I permanently have the dumb. How do I vote for you? I click the link…but never see anything like…"vote for lost and tired!!". How long will the voting for The Fence go on? You're in third now…maybe I could bump you up once I finally figure out how to vote.


You voted by clicking the link:-)

I was number 1 for most of the year.Now its someone else\’s turn. Thanks alot. 🙂


seriously? :c….i have been clicking that thing…on a regular basis hoping for some sort of electronic miracle…so i never click the "i did this!" button because i was sure that i wasnt doing it right. hahahahahaha. Oh well. At least I got you votes. XD The Dumb: I haz it.

Jennifer Halahurich

I have tried to win one of these several times. I really think my son who has severe autism and SPD would really benefit from this. Im trying to save up the money, but winning one would just make our day.


i forgot to paste the tweet thing in the extra info box! am i disqualified now?!


No, but you\’re exceptionally honest. 🙂


oh, good. i was worried.


I don't see the join this site button for the google part?! Really wanting to get all the entries I can–This is for my son who has Asperger's Syndrome and could really really use a weighted blanket!!


It's on the right hand side bar. If it's not there, refresh the page. I just had the same thing happen and refreshing the page brought it back. Let me know if you have any more problems.


So…out of curiosity, do you think 20 is to late for anything to work? I have AS, panic disorder, and pretty severe sensory processing disorder and have been wanting to try a weighted blanket for about six years, but, you know, they cost money. I am wondering if it is worth it at this point, with how old I am. And also, what is your opinion on the effectiveness in regard to panic disorder (or…anxiety in general, i suppose)?


I’m 21 with severe anxiety, SPD, ASD and ADHD. It works! When I’m in a meltdown, my bf tucks me in under my weighted blanket and I feel a bit of comfort from that alone. It’s no instant cure, but it helps. It’s comforting. I just wish my blanket was the right size- Its way too small and falls off so easily. Also not heavy enough.


I accidentally had to do the first 2 or 3 twice because the page refreshed and wasn't showing Done (so I couldn't do the others without re-doing them.) I also couldn't figure out how to vote on (even though I signed up and signed in. I didn't click that I'd done it because I couldn't figure out how to vote.)

Is this giveaway available internationally? I have family in NZ who could use a weighted blanket and I'll tell them to enter if they can.


So, I would be happy to vote for you…but those links don't seem to work and I wouldn't feel right clicking the "I did this" button when I can't do it.


Thank you. You can also find the links in the right sidebar. They are actually buttons.. 🙂


I don't think that any time is to late to start. I know that the earlier the better but sometimes life just doesn't work out that way. To be very honest, the weighted blanket is relaxing for me as well. I wish you the very best of luck and I'm always here if you need anything 🙂