Gavin’s Artwork: Super Mario

Gavin created this drawing earlier this afternoon.  He traced some of it from a book and the rest he drew freehand. 

He loves to draw and this is a very, very constructive outlet.

Drawing is something that we really encourage because it’s a great way for him to express himself.   It only that but it also is a good way for us to see where he is, if that makes sense.

Gavin’s comping at the bit for me to publish this to the blog and read what you all have to say. 

Great work Gavin, you are such a talented artist.  Keep up the hard work.


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That is Very good He draws way better then I do 🙂


He should be really proud of that! Tell him to keep up the good work!


@Kate thank you 🙂


Great job!  There’s such a lot of expression in Gavin’s drawing – it’s wonderful.


dotdash thanks Dot. He’s really proud of it.  🙂

Kelly Jennex

Fantastic drawing Gavin! I recognize all the characters – so well done!


Kelly Jennex thanks, he’ll be so excited to see you’re feedback.