Gavin seems to be losing this major skill and it’s heartbreaking

We have discovered Gavin is having some newer challenges recently that are really heartbreaking. Aside from all of Gavin adventures with his team of super best friends, one of the things that Gavin truly loves to do is play Minecraft on the PlayStation or Xbox.  This is how he passes the time during his IVIG infusions.

Unfortunately, he’s begun struggling with this lately. He can still build some pretty amazing things, but he’s forgetting what buttons do what. This means that building is becoming very frustrating for him because he’s constantly pressing the wrong button and accidently destroying what he builds.

This is a newer issue and I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. Using a controller seems like a muscle memory kinda thing and aside from reminding him what buttons do what, I’m not sure of anything we can do.

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He sees his specialist this summer and we’ll have to explore this at that time. Until then, we can only support him and calm him when he frustrated with himself. 🙁