Apparently purple is for girls?

Gavin’s blood work went great and even though they didn’t have the color of wrap normally gets, he accepted purple. I think he views purple as a girls color and therefore accepting it is a pretty big step for Gavin. We’ve tried to explain that guys and girls can wear whatever colors they like. He’s very simplistic in his views and that’s not likely to change. 🙂👍

I ended up walking in the rain this morning after I finished with Gavin. It was actually significantly colder today than it was yesterday. We’ve been dealing with 110° F temps recently, and today it was in the low 60’s and pouring down rain.

A little bit ago, Emmett and I got home from picking up his birthday present. It took him forever to decide what he wanted, and it was ready for pickup today. We also hit the grocery store, and I’ve realized that even just picking up the very basics, runs us over $100 per trip. The fact that we need to eat is very expensive.

Anyway, I wanted to drop a quick update and keep myself in the habit of writing. We have a hectic week ahead and I’ll explain more about that later on.

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