Justice and Truth Prevail: CPS has closed our case -

Justice and Truth Prevail: CPS has closed our case

For those of you that missed my post from early this morning, Child Protective Services has officially closed our case. 

You may recall that we were the victims of spite call to Child Protective Services. 

A spite call is basically when someone knowingly makes a false report, with the specific intent to do harm and create drama in someone’s life.

I feel very strongly that’s what happened to us and while I don’t know for sure when it was, we have a pretty good idea.


While this person was unsuccessful, in the sense that we prevailed in the end, they did succeed in turning our lives upside down. We were under investigation for weeks and while many others go through a much longer period of time, it felt like an eternity for us.

We’ve been forever changed by this event. 

Our trust has been shaken and even the way I write has changed.  I’m hesitant to share certain things now because I’m afraid that this will happen once again.

In the end,  the score was Lost and Tired family 1, person that falsely reported us 0.

As soon as our letter arrived in the mail, I’ll be sure to share it with you all.  Hell, I’m probably gonna frame the damn thing. 

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Special Learning, Inc

Thank goodness it’s over!

Todd Heyer

As I knew they would. 🙂 Onward & upward my friend!

Laura C-Davis

I am soooo very glad that it all worked out for the best! …
I am super relived that you had honest DHS workers on your case!!!
~If~ you go anonymous with a new blog, please make sure to include a newsletter sign up, so that those of us that truly care about your family can keep up.
I wish for you to be able to protect your family … =)!!
but I would sorely miss reading your posts!
Huge eHugs, Laura

Fatima Saldana

Great news!

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