Here’s what happened with Emmett at the Emergency Room

Okay, here’s what’s going on with Emmett.  First let me thank you for the thoughts and prayers.  We really appreciate them. 

In a nutshell, Emmett is negative for strep throat.

That means that this is entirely a fever flare and a bad one at that.  The ER doctors were awesome and really good to Emmett. 

He did really well, despite being scared.

The doctors in the ER contacted the doctor on call in immunology and it was decided that since this flare is so bad, we would put him on a cycle of steroids.

This is a double edged sword because while it has shortened the flares in the past, it’s not good for the immune system and can’t be done very often, at least not safely. 

We have to make an appointment to see immunology on Monday. 

I was able to snag a few pictures of the sores because Emmett wanted to see what they looked like.  You can basically see a few of the sores that are creeping their way down his throat. 

They’re also on his tongue, cheeks and gums. It’s horrible. 




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Lost and Tired

If you want, send me a message and we can exchange email. Perhaps we can share what we’ve learned.

Lena Finley

No removal yet. I guess the condition is rare. Elliott is just 2… He’s been doing well for several months and doesn’t get mouth sores. He is on fever day 6 today 🙁

Lost and Tired

Seriously. I’ve never met anyone else that has that… Did he have his tonsils and adenoids removed? Emmett did and it helped with the fever part but then the mouth sores began. He’s had this about 2 years now. It stopped around Christmas 2012 and then started back up about 4 days ago.

Lena Finley


Lost and Tired

They have. It’s PFAPA. Is that what your son has?

Jeanette McGuire Carman

I get thrush with almost any fever. A presciption lozenge or syrup will help that.


MeaghanGood MeaghanGood AuntMaggieRocks CrystalBarnett Silachan @Kris Rollins @Tracy Webster @Lena Finley thank you all very much. We are looking into thrush.

Tamara Potts-Vasquez

Poor baby, I’m so sorry. Hope he gets better soon and alls well in your home 🙂

Kris Rollins

Poor guy.

Tracy Webster

His tongue has thrush. My hubby just got rid of this with a prescription lozenge.

Lena Finley

Have them look at cyclic fever syndromes… There are a few of them and one almost always occurs with mouth sores 🙁 this is uncommon but our son Elliott is in that club.


A couple people on facebook pointed it out but I wanna repeat it here too- his tongue looks like he has thrush too. Is the white just from food or something?  I’d see if his dentist or pediatrician can take a look, since that can increase pain and mouth sores and fever too.


My son would get mouth sore so bad they would be on the outside of his mouth, fortunately we are on break from episodes, at the moment. I feel so bad for the little guy and for you since I’ve watched my own son suffer so much. Praying for you and your family. I wish you the best with Immunology. (been there) It’s hard on the kids to go through so much, so often.


Poor guy! Hope this flare ends soon <3


I hope that he feels better.  I use non alcohol mouthwash when I have sores on my tongue and mouth.


Have you tried good old-fashioned honey for his sore throat? Honey’s great for sore throats and coughs. I’ve been taking it lately myself because I’ve had a sore throat from seasonal allergies.