The silver lining to my son being psychotic

Gavin’s had a pretty good weekend.  There have been a few bumps along the way but they barely registered on the scale of things we worry about. 

From my perspective, it feels as though he’s getting sucked into his imaginary world and that sorta occupies him. 

One of my readers point something out that I hadn’t considered. 

With Gavin spending a great deal of time playing with people/characters that only he can see, it’s kinds hard to find the silver lining. 

However, as my friend pointed out, the characters he’s hanging out with are all good guys.  It’s not like he’s hanging out with people or things that are dark and violent.  There’s the silver lining and it’s actually a pretty good one. 

In the past, Gavin has gone into a really dark place where all he talked about was killing or death. 

This time he seems to be mostly playing cards with these guys.  While the whole thing isn’t good, it could definitely be worse and I’m glad that was pointed out to me because I can get lost in everything sometimes and lose perspective. 

Below you will find a picture of who Gavin’s hanging out with.  There’s actually one character missing but she’s a good guy too.


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Maria Hall

Lol. My nt kids love sonic and Mario. My kid with pdd prefers pokemon. Maybe you can use this obsession to hang with him a spell in his world by playing the game with him.

Megan Mayhew

Such a great silver lining. I thought it was gonna be a about silver the hedgehog lol. We love silver here! And Amy too!