So this normal for a cat?

So we got this kitten about six weeks ago. I’m not a cat person by this cat is pretty amazing. There’s a million interesting things about Harley but the most interesting for me is her attachment to Elliott and Emmett.

Every single night, she sleeps face to face with one of them. She often literally sleeps with her paws on their face. Maybe this is normal cat behavior but I’ve never seen it before.

She usually starts out with Emmett and then at some point, moves to Elliott. It’s like shes protecting or looking over them while they sleep. The kids find comfort in this and that makes me happy.

Does anyone else have a cat that behaves like this?

Also, the kids are considering changing her name. Lizze had named her Harley, but I’ve told them that if they want to pick a new name, as long as they agree on it, I’m cool with it.

Please feel free to leave your ideas below in the comments… 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Tiffany Burt

We adopted a cat a few years ago, and she quickly became my 10 year old autistic son’s animal. She’ll sleep right up close to his head on his pillow, rest her paws on his head, and groom him, especially when he’s super stressed or when his anxiety is high. She KNOWS when he needs her, and is right there to love on him and help him calm down. But boy oh boy, she mostly wants nothing to do with the rest of the family lol. We got a new kitten for our youngest (7 year old) a week ago, and he’s fone the same. They bonded and his kitten knows when he needs him!


Her behavior isn’t surprising although I haven’t had a cat do exactly that. But many cats are really affectionate and it looks like you lucked out with one of those. She’s adorable. <——–mother of 5 cats!