The things we do to get our kids to take their medicine

Emmett’s got to take some rather foul tasting medicine in order to help him make it through this particular fever flare. 

Even though it helps with the pain, he hasn’t made the connection that taking the meds make him feel better.

We’ve offered all kinds of things to get him to take his meds.  Nothing works because he knows how bad it tastes.  We can’t even hide it in applesauce or ice cream.

I told Emmett that if he took his meds that we could squishy couch. For those new to this site or don’t remember the famous squishy couch, let me remind you. 

Basically, I push our two couches together to make them one big bed and we camp out.  We watch movies and snuggle. 

Long story short, it worked and Emmett is sleeping comfortably on the terribly uncomfortable couch, right next to me.  It’s a small price to pay for him to feel better.  Perhaps, we’ll do this until he’s feeling better. 




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Christine Lyn Hostetler-Johnson

Awww, poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon! Hang in there!


I know I have been sick before I have have before only got 2 hours of sleep one time when I got sick. When I was a kid I didn’t like Dimetapp and I still don’t.
Also sry to derail the topic how are you liking the iPad, I see it in the pics


Before my kid was old enough to swallow pills getting him to take any liquid medicines was a nightmare. 9 times out of 10 it ended with him gagging and throwing it right back up. So I got creative. I would take a large syringe and draw up into it the appropriate dosage of medicine. I would then draw up into the syringe sno-cone syrup. Sno-cone syrup is more concentrated in flavor so it covers the nasty taste of the medicine a lot better than traditional “cover-ups”. It comes in a big variety of flavors like grape, cherry, strawberry, cotton candy and blue raspberry and many others. You can ask the pharmacy for a larger syringe and the sno-cone syrup can be found at most major retailers and party stores.


We always have trouble giving my son medicine, unfortunately there is not much we can bribe him with.