Emmett pimped out his 3DS, all by himself

Emmett used some of the stickers he got for his birthday to pimp out his 3DS.  Apparently it was getting a bit boring and needed a makeover. 

He’s super proud of it and I of him. 

However, he’s now in the mood to pimp everything out with his stickers. 

Hey, as long as he’s happy and he stays away from the TV, I’m okay with him improving the appearance of a few things around the house. 


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  • lostandtired says:

    wishiwereinny AMDuser Thanks everyone.  He did take great time and effort  in doing this.  🙂

  • wishiwereinny says:

    That’s not haphazardly done either! Look at how well those rows line up, even with different size and shape stickers 🙂

  • AMDuser says:

    Cars stickers nice.

  • Lena Finley says:

    Looks good buddy