Feeling grateful  -

Feeling grateful 

Last night Elliott fell asleep with no problems. Emmett on the other hand had a rough time again. I don’t think he fell asleep until 10:30-ish. That’s an improvement over what it’s been lately but it still presents its challenges.

We had a slow start to the morning and a hard time waking the kids up.

Truthfully, we had a hard time getting up as well but someone has to captain the ship.

Having said that, once they were awake, Elliott and Emmett got ready for school without incident. In fact, Emmett put his socks and crocs on without hesitation this morning.

I don’t know what’s different but he just woke up in a place where his shoes and socks were okay. This does happen on occasion but not very often. More often than not, he can’t stand the shoes and/or socks making contact with his feet.

I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and so I’m incredibly grateful that we had a hectic but peaceful morning.

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