Oh the joys of raising a RAD teenager with Autism.. -

Oh the joys of raising a RAD teenager with Autism..

I mentioned earlier that the E’s returned home this afternoon from their grandparents.  It’s nice to have them home because I missed’em.

With that said, we are once again thrust back into the  reality of our lives.

When the younger boys are gone, Lizze and I can relax because we don’t have to supervise Gavin’s every move.  When Elliott and Emmett are home, Gavin is not allowed unsupervised contact with them.


This is a rule created by Gavin’s psychiatric professionals and we have to enforce it. We totally agree with it but it’s exhausting to enforce.  Since the boys have returned home, we will have to clock back in and put the rules and restrictions back into place.

I really wish it wasn’t this way.

I wish we could trust Gavin with his younger brothers.  Unfortunately, we are unable to do so and because we ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone in this house, the rules are necessary.

While it isn’t Gavin’s fault per say, he is responsible for the choices he makes and is culpable when they result in injury or inappropriate contact with someone. Of we are not vigilant, these things can and will happen.

Oh the joys of raising a RAD teenager with Autism..

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