I just can’t even imagine…..

I’ve lost track of how many time Lizze has moved down to the couch, since entering menopause. 

These hot flashes are absolutely killing her.

It’s about 66°F in our house at any given time.  I keep the air cranked up because she’s so hot all the time. 

We’re lying in bed and it’s so chilly that I can’t get my feet warm.  All of a sudden, Lizze wakes up and has sweat dripping down her face. 

I can’t even imagine how difficult this is for her or any other woman for that matter.

It’s frustrating for me because she’s not getting any sleep at night, when the hot flashes are at their worst. This means that she’s dead to the world during the day.

There’s never any peace for her and it  breaks my heart.

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