The morning has been filled with fighting and zombies

Okay, so the zombie thing didn’t really happen but it was pretty rough and there was a lot of fighting, just not against zombies. 

The boys woke up extremely early this morning.  By boys I mean Emmett and Elliott. By early I mean between 3am and 4am.

Emmett climbed into bed with us and attached himself to Lizze.  He made for a very painful nights sleep.  I’m not sure why we didn’t take him back to bed, it would have been better if we had.


Before to long, the fighting began. 

Elliott and Emmett were at each others throats and the battles often resulted in one or both of them to come running into our room to tell on the other.

Gavin slept through everything, as he typically does.

Lizze and I are like zombies right now, exhausted, disoriented and looking for food.  😉 Just so we’re clear, we aren’t looking to eat the kids though. 😉

My hope is that once the day goes on, things will improve.  I’m not looking for perfect. I’m looking for survivability……

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