Is your child with #Autism sensitive to gluten? -

Is your child with #Autism sensitive to gluten?

I just read an article that says they scientists have officially linked Autism and gluten intolerance.  They aren’t saying it’s the cause or that eliminating it will cure Autism.

Instead, they have found a link between kids with Autism and gluten intolerance. 

Not all kids with Autism are affected but they apparently found a large number that carry antibodies for gluten, that seem to cause an immune response. 

They kept referring to celiac disease as a gluten intolerance and I’m not sure that’s accurate.  My Mom has Celiac Disease quite bad and it almost killed her.  That’s more than an intolerance.

Here’s the original article: Here

My question to you is this.  Are your kids sensitive to gluten? Have you tried to limit or remove it and if so, what was the result?


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Lost and Tired

Thoughts anyone?

Lost and Tired

rjones22 amen.


My child has the gene for gluten (again that does not mean much) and the test say no, but I cant keep him on the elimination diet long enough to see a difference. Keeping his weight up has always been an issue and when we do the elimination diet he doesnt get enough calories (supplements make him throw up). I do believe gut issues make other issues worse but if you ever have picked up the GI manual for drs it will make you sick as the first thing they want to say is that it is phycological, or that it is functional (faking that is not really faking ie. stupid) or some type of munhausen syndrom that they have a new name for. after the endoscope, colonoscopy, camera pill, sonogram, mri, ct, paracite check, and bloodwork and there are still issues, the elimination diet is the only option. The cavet to the test I talk about over a 5 year period, he did have gall bladder issue and had to be removed, had cdiff, had bartonella, has behcets (autoimmunne diease) just to name what i remember and drs still would look at us like why are you here. Today what gets me is all the people that have ibs and celiac before drs knew what it was were told sorry cant help you but you really need to go to the phyciatrist. Of course they needed to go as the drs were making them and their cargivers crazy because something really was wrong and they were being told nothing was. Thanks for letting me vent again. Elimination diet is best bet I think but for intolrence i would do one food only for a whole week (which is impossible) so you can catch the intolorence.


There was also a recent study that showed that there was no link between autism and celiac disease.   But, it also stated that they were more likely to have the antibodies for a gluten intolerance.   I am surprised that they used that once sentence that blurs the lines between celiac and gluten intolerance.  I definitely have the antibodies for gluten intolerance.  My son’s blood work did not show that antibody.  But, he had a definite behavioral change when he went on a GF/CF diet and that reversed it self when he went off of it.  Since his blood work showed no antibodies and no actual allergies, and his intestines showed no signs of celiac (he does have one of the genes for celiac but, that doesn’t mean you will have it),  the gastro said we are going to have to work through an elimination diet to figure out what is bothering him.  
It is interesting to me that in many areas of medicine things that have been termed biomedical, alternative, natural paths that have been out there for years have been proven true over and over again.  Stuff that was put down by the establishment (i.e. chemicals like BPA and certain types of pesticides contributing to weight problem) for years are now being shown to be true.  
And now in autism the link between immune problems, the gut and the brain.  Now, if anyone thinks that this is simply about making a kid with autism not have a tummy ache or constipation…there was a recent study that showed that probiotics for depression was as effective as antidepressants.  I won’t take the time to explain it all here but, just be careful when you put down people for thinking that something might help their kid, because in 10 years there may be a study that proves it to be effective.
I am glad that these studies are being done.  I wish they came with an apology to the people who were put down for promoting those ideas in the first place.

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