I’m crumbling as resentment is building

I’m crumbling as resentment is building

Elliott and Emmett are both becoming hurt, angry and resentful of Gavin.  They have begun to take notice of the fact that Gavin is spending more and more time with Sonic and the rest of the crew. 

They are upset because they are feeling slighted and left out because in their eyes, Gavin is choosing Sonic over them. 

Tensions are mounting and I’m not sure how to handle this. 

It’s not really Gavin’s fault and the boys have a right to be upset at the same time.  Lizze is sick in bed and I feel like I’m crumbling under all the pressure.

Everyone is confused and upset and I honestly don’t  know what to do. 


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Donna Holland

Sorry have not been following who are you feeling resentment for? Government, Doctors, Family, Friends, Children. All the previous. I have been there. Thoughts are with you, for your peace of mind.


I don’t have any advice or even a steaming dose of assvice for you. I just didn’t want to read and not comment, hang in there dad it’s all you can do. oops I did leave assvice afterall sorry bout that it just slipped out when I wasn’t looking. 


Turn this around a lil’ bit and look at it differently. If Gavin were a typical teen boy, he would be spending all his time with his friends anyway and as typical with teens they prefer the company of their friends. Of course Gavin’s friends being imaginary makes it more difficult for the other two to understand because they can’t see them. But the slighted feelings, the being left out….all  those reactions/feelings would still be there. It’s a tough place to be since they are imaginary. If the friends were real it then the other two could at least grasp it even if they didn’t like it and had hurt feelings over it. But it’s something that comes into play anytime there is a teen and younger siblings whether they are neuro-typical or not.

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