Do you ever feel like you’re letting your family down?

Do you ever feel like you’re letting your family down?

I wrote this big long post yesterday a out everything that’s weighing on me. After collecting my thoughts a bit afterwards, I realized that I left something out.

It’s probably one of the biggest things weighing on me and crushing my soul.

Regardless of what anyone says, I know that I’m letting my family down.  I may be doing everything I can but it’s barely meeting the minimum requirements.


I can’t help but feel like my family deserves so much better than what I’m able to provide.  So I guess that means that they deserve better than me….

Someday things will get better.  Someday things will be manageable.

Do you ever feel that way?

It’s a truly awful feeling.  It’s almost made worse by the fact that my kids never complain and just accept what I’m able to do.  Perhaps they just don’t know anything else but I know they deserve better.

Am I the only one that ever feels like this?

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