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It seems that Emmett may be entering into another fever flare. I’m not sure what’s going on because he seemed like he was going into one a week or so ago.

This time it looks like the sores are popping up in the back of his throat.

He spent all day today screaming and miserable.

I was able to briefly distract him with the iPad and Lego Batman. However, that was short lived. 


All he’s eaten today was Popsicles and wouldn’t touch anything else.  That’s a really good indication that somethings not right. 

I hope that this isn’t the case and he’s feeling better in the morning. It breaks my heart to see him in pain, especially when there isn’t anything we can do about it. 

On a purely self-preservation note, I really, really hope he’s feeling better because he’s so challenging when he’s in a flare. The next week or so will be completely shot and nothing will get done. 

I’m praying my guts out right now. 

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Steven Laine

I can somewhat relate what your going through. I have two boys on the Autism Spectrum. Also it didn't help matters at the time of there diagnosis I was unemployed at the time. Keep up the excellent work, and keep on fighting the good fight.