Hello Allergies -

Hello Allergies

It’s really weird.  About 2 years ago, I developed seasonal allergies for the first time in life. I went the first 33 years of my life without them. 

Over the weekend I ran out of my allergy meds and couldn’t get them refilled until today. 

I was fine all weekend. Even after cutting the grass.

That said, I wake up this morning and can’t stop sneezing.  My right eye won’t stop watering either.  It’s pretty miserable.. 


I picked up my prescription but I probably won’t feel better until tomorrow morning

There’s no doubt it could be worse and I’m grateful  that Zyrtec controls them so well.  I’m so looking forward for tomorrow.  Perhaps, if Lizze is feeling up to it, I’ll take some Benadryl to get me through the day.  I might get sleepy, so Lizze would have to be okay with the boys. 

It’s amazing how something as simple as allergies can have such a profound impact. 

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