Holy accomplishments Batman, I got a ton of stuff done today

Sunday was one of those rare days that I got a ton of shit done.  Yes, I said shit. Sometimes I cuss, what can I say.

Anyway, Lizze was down almost the entire day.  She’s was in too much pain to even walk without the use of her cane. 

Despite all the obstacles of the day, I managed to weedeat the yard and cut the grass. Lizze was watching the boys while I was outside, in case anyone was wondering.  I also did 6 loads of laundry.  I washed, dried, folded and sorted everything. 

All of the laundry baskets that had clothes waiting to be folded got done as well, on top of the 6 other loads.

Gavin put all his clothes away and everyone els  has their own basket. 


(Here’s a picture of some of the laundry I have left to put away.) 

I will be putting everything away in the morning.

Both dogs got brushed, as did one of the cats.  Lizze’s cat Cleo, had so much fur removed, it was crazy.

Let’s see……… What else? Oh yeah, I also got some dishes done and the trash taken out. 

I didn’t get much writing done today but I think it was worth it.  I feel so good having accomplished all of that.  My goal is to finish the laundry in the morning and move on to something else.

Hooray for progress…..

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Some days there “are” more hours to it and shit gets done. I love those days am so glad you got one and used it so completely