Medicating My Son: A peak behind the curtain

I wanted to give you all a peak behind the curtain, so to speak.  Every Monday night, we have to refill Gavin’s pill dispenser for the week.  We go one week at a time because the pill dispenser is broken and we haven’t been able to replace it yet.

This may look like two weeks but it’s actually divided up by AM and PM. The top row is given in the morning and the bottom row is given in the evening, at bedtime.

For the most part, he’s taking the same thing in the morning and at night. 

Doling these pills out one week at a time has actually worked out pretty well for us. 


Thankfully, Gavin is amazing at taking his meds. He never complains and never gives us a hard time.  Although in truth, he doesn’t remember them anymore. 

He used to request them in the morning and then again at bedtime but he doesn’t even remember taking them half the time. 

It’s really sad because it’d one of the reasons we first picked up on the regression. Either way, he’s still very compliant and that is such a blessing. 

In the picture below, you can see e most of his pill bottles laid out, ready to refill his dispenser. Gavin’s on 12 different medications currently.

This may seem like a lot of medication and it really is.  However, we have been able to cut back or otherwise reduce the amount of medications he’s on.  Each one of these serves a vital role in Gavin’s health and safety. 

Again, while this a lot, it’s more than some and less than others. 


This is how they breakdown.

Gavin is currently on only two psychiatric meds and that’s it.  He used to be on a few more. One is an anti-psychotic and the other a mood stabilizer. 

He’s on two medications for allergies.

There is an inhaler for his asthma and actually a second one for emergencies but he’s never needed it.
IVIG is given once a month at the hospital via a five hour long infusion. This treats his Primary Immunodeficiency.

The last five medications are for his autonomic disorder.  They manage his heart rate, blood pressure and nervous system. Without them, he would be in crisis much more frequently and could die.

Lizze and I are not fans of medicating everything.  Whenever something comes up, we throughly research the pros and cons as well as ask a ton of questions about possible interactions with his other medications. 

As I mentioned already, each one of these medications serve a vital and sometimes lifesaving role for Gavin. 

He has bloodwork done every month to monitor for problems and sometimes more frequently if needed.

I hope you found this both interesting and educational.  I thought that this peak behind the curtain could help provide you with a bit more insight into our lives and just some of the day to day things we have to worry about. 

Pleas feel free to ask me any questions as I’m happy to answer them if I can.

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Dunno if I shared this before with you or not but here goes: I am currently taking 4 psych meds. I went to see my family doctor last Friday for an unrelated health problem and he asked the usual doctor question of “what meds are you on?”
I told him, and he said, “All those? But I thought your depression was better.”
“It is better,” I said.
“So why are you taking all those drugs?”
“It’s better BECAUSE I’m taking all those drugs.”


Meaghan1985 yeah you did.  But it’s still funny the second time around. I don’t remember what we were talking about before when you brought that up.  
It’s amazing how the right meds can make all the difference in the world.  🙂


yoderk999 KeelyCorinneMiller @Ky Harvey thanks everyone for the information and for sharing.  So many tunes people don’t really understand and assume that he’s overmedicated.

Ky Harvey

looks like our house at bed time!


Trust me you aren’t even coming close to over medicating. I’m currently in my third year of pharmacy school working at local VA mental health department. We have some people that require 20+ meds just to make it through the day. If you ever have questions about meds, feel free to ask!


People will tell you that you are over medicating your son. Do not listen to the naysayers. We have been accused of doing so also. Treating children with multiple health, developmental, and psych disorders is a hard road. Keep doing what you are doing. Those people do not know what road you lead and could never understand it. Keep fighting the good fight!!!