Family is everything

Lizze was able to let me sneak out again this morning for a little while. I spoke with my Mom this morning and she’s obviously and understandably upset about my grandfather (her father). He was diagnosed with prostate cancer this week and last night we found out it has spread to his bones. 

I went over and spent some time with her today because I wanted to make sure she was okay. 

My Mom rarely cries and hearing her start to choke up on the phone is really hard for me.  My parents live 5 minutes down the road so driving over there wasn’t anything.


I probably was there for almost 2 hours, I think anyway.

Family is very, very important to both Lizze and myself.  No matter what our own personal struggles may be, we will always make time to look after our family. 

The only time we won’t is if it’s best for the kids if we don’t. 

Family is everything and without it we would have nothing.  At least nothing that mattered.  I always tell people that I’m a happy person, despite all of our challenges.  The reason I’m happy is my wife and kids. 

Yes, it’s challenging but I wouldn’t trade my family for anything in the world, challenges and all.

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