If even half of it goes well, I’ll consider it a victory

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I’ve got quite a bit that needs to get done today and only one of me to take it all on. The kids need to get to school, which isn’t a huge deal and after that I have to work on a few reviews for this week and next. I’ve opted to focus on reviews instead of unboxing videos because I’m having issue recording things and I can do a better job with a review.

I also have a couple of paid writing gigs to work on as well.

All of these things are good news. I’m grateful for the work and the companies that are sponsoring reviews as well. It all helps to keep things moving forward and that’s a true blessing.

The other thing I have to do is coordinate with my Mom because I need to get the car in to my brother sometime after noon. I’m hoping we can get away with just the brake pads but I might need new rotors and the bearings are shot on the front driver side.

I’m limited in what I can do until my check arrives this week.

Hopefully the parts are cheap enough that I can pull it off or that the rotors don’t need replaced. Any little bit helps at this point. Either way, my brother is doing us a huge favor because he’s awesome and that’s what family is for. ☺

I’m the techie in the family and I also have extensive training in emergency medicine. I always help when anyone needs help in those areas and everyone else helps in areas they have experience in. For the most part, between all of us, we have most things covered. ☺

Anyway, it’s a busy day and if even half of it goes well, I’ll consider that a victory.

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Rob Gorski

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