I’m so proud of my wife

Things have been really bad for Lizze lately, especially pain-wise. She’s having to use her cane all the time now.  However, she wanted to go with me to the grocery store, especially since my Mom was going to watch the boys for a little while. 

When we got to the store, her pain was so bad after the first few minutes that she was in tears. 

We had discussed her using a motorized scooter that Giant Eagle offers but she wasn’t comfortable doing that and was honestly too embarrassed. 

Lizze told me to finish shopping and she would just make her way out to the car and wait.  I wanted to walk her out but she said she would be fine and I’ve learned over the years to respect her wishes,  that she’ll ask for help if she needs it. 

As I was finishing up, I ran into Lizze.  She was driving the little scooter thing. 

I was so happy to see her.  I’m also proud of her that she swallowed her pride and did what she needed to do. 

I asked her why she changed her mind and she told me that she’s friends with a young woman that deals with much of the same challenges she faces.  This girl was in a wheelchair chair at 17 and needs a walker.  Lizze decide that if her friend can do it, so can she. 

While I don’t know this person, I want to say thank you for being a source of inspiration for my wife.  🙂


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It’s amazing the affects you can have on other people, people you don’t even know, without realizing it. My mom put herself through college with four kids to deal with and a husband who was a bum and from whom she got a divorce. So a single parent with no money and four kids under the age of ten, but she got her degree — in a science-related field, no less. This was in the early seventies. It was unusual enough at the time that they did an article about her in the paper: “Local single mom with four children gets college degree.” (And then she married my dad, who was a professor — although not HER professor. She’d already taken that class by the time he got the professorship.)
Anyway, Mom was shopping at the grocery store and I guess the cashier recognized her from the article and told her, “I signed up at the community college because of you. I thought: if you can do it, I can do it too.” I don’t know what happened to that girl, but she tried to better herself because of a complete stranger who didn’t know she existed.

Victoria Hudgins

Lizze Gorski. Pain warrior!

Diane Ianni

Way to go !


I used to drive my Nan’s scooter around all the time, I would park it for her if it was a tricky place, and would fix minor mechanical issues for her. We went on a cruise together once and she had a little one that could be flattened that we brought with us so she could move around the ship more easily, and at dinner time the waiters would compete to see who got to go and park it for her. Weirdly some of my favourite memories of my Nanny involve that thing.
I think it was absolutely brilliant of Lizze to overcome her pride like that – not everybody could do it. Way to go 🙂


Awe so proud of my Lizze!  By the way, that just looks like fun to be scooting around in one of those 😉  I love Lizze and while I wish so much that she didn’t have a reason to need to use one of those, I am glad that she swallowed her pride, but to be honest I view it more as her looking her fibro and medical issues all in the face and saying SUCK IT!  She could have went out to the car, sat in there and waited, meaning the pain won again, but NO MY SISTER DID NOT!!  She said FORGET YOU PAIN YOU WILL NOT WIN!!  🙂


My Fiance faces much of the same. She has fibromyalgia, and spends much of her time in constant pain. Because she’s pregnant, she can’t take most of the medications that actually help her maintain on a normal basis. There are days when I wheel her places in a wheel chair (like to the store, or LabCorp) since we don’t have a car, and she can’t walk the 2-3 blocks. When she gets up out of the chair to do simple things that she CAN do, she gets the nastiest looks.
People can be quite cruel, and it wasn’t till 2 weeks ago that she started using the little carts at Wal-Mart. Even there, most people look at her and assume she should be able to get around without it.
I’m glad your wife had the courage to do what she needed to take control of her life, and not let her issues control her. Asking for help, no matter what form it comes in, is never bad.


Lizzie doesn’t know me from Adam, but tell her I feel that pain, too.  I was hit with a permanent disability at age 33 and had a cane until late last year, when I had to “downgrade” to full time crutches. (I use the ones with arm cuffs because they are so, so much better!) I also use a wheelchair sometimes if there’s a lot of walking to be done.

It’s really hard not to be resentful when you’re 42, but cannot even walk down your driveway to get the mail by yourself. Kudos to Lizzie for accepting it. Tell her that a sense of humor helps – my wheelchair, for example, has a pirate flag sewn across the back canvas.  =)


KillianMIck I really appreciate that.  I just showed her your comment and it made her smile.  You have such a great attitude about this.  That’s awesome… 🙂


My mom has to use those all the time.


jjean3940 TiffanyAnn2 nicole_leebeck  @fibromamaby3  thanks everyone .  Nicole, you’re so right. 🙂


Put her road rage to good use! 😉 lol. And if she needs a wheelchair like another commenter mentioned I will see her her OWN pirate flag! And buy her a horn…:D


DUDE! Now she can run people over!! 😉


awesome!!!!  good for her!


That’s wonderful!! People do not realize the impact they have on another persons life. Way to go, Lizzie-keep your head up!