Guilty Pleasures -

Guilty Pleasures

I battled the hoards of people at Walmart this afternoon and I emerged with a cart full of groceries.  I was on time and under budget so I treated myself to one of my guilty pleasures. 

Pull’n Peel’s and A&W Cream Soda are among my favorite junk foods that I don‘t get that often.

I felt victorious after surviving the craziness of Walmart on a Saturday morning and decided to celebrate a little bit.  Hey, on occasion I deserve it.  🙂

Do you have a family friendly guilty pleasure that you would like to share with the class?


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Starbucks Frappes—I’m totally addicted. There was a time when I went to Starbucks nearly every single day, now I rarely get to go.

Tara Safarian

Mountain Dew and beef sticks!


Dang you rob now I want to get something sweet from Walmart but I can’t, out of cash till the first lol.
There is some that I like,
Swedish Fish candy, Redvines, BottleCaps candy, Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales Candy,  RedHots, M&Ms


but are you using the twizzlers as a straw?? inquiring minds want to know!  and yoohoo by the way! (in the glass bottles by the 6-pk, thank goodness it’s legal!)


Charyss nope, they’re Pull’n Peel’s so that won’t work.  I’ve never had Yoohoo before.  🙁


lostandtired Charyss oh no if you like chocolate you’ve gotta find a YooHoo!  it’s a chocolate kinda soda or bubbly milk kind of thing? OK it’s undefinable but yummy! oh and brownies did i mention brownies they are a food group of their own, you know veg, fruit, protein,etc…BROWNIES…  😛


Charyss lostandtired I like brownies when they are slightly stale or chewy.  🙂


lostandtired Charyss i don’t think i’ve ever had a stale brownie…they just don’t live that long here, chewy is good though!


Charyss Also in the juice box size!! That’s the size I get for my son because he can’t/won’t always finish off an entire can or bottle. My husband picks up a case of the bottles every other week at Sam’s Club for he and I to drink…..they rarely if ever last until the next payday!!!!


Pooshnc Charyss when I was little my dad actually stopped buying it since the 6 pack was gone in less than 30 mins…i have no self control about yoohoo.  i know my weaknesses; yoohoo + brownies=the bane of any diet ever!  ;-}


Charyss Those are RedWines


AMDuser Charyss actually redvines are an entirely different flavor and texture same look different feel and company, frankly if you grew up with twizzlers(which are hollow in the center also) and then found redivines most reactions I’ve seen were “Eww, what is this?” So I’m still in for the twizzlers as a straw!


Charyss AMDuser Agreed, red vines are very different.


The single serve rolls of Rollos!!!! And Coke, ice cold.


elizabethtaylor202 haven’t had rollos in ages.  Lizze loves Coke as wel, you know, the kind you drink not snort.  😉


lostandtired elizabethtaylor202 They came out with the mini’s which are perfect because it only takes a second to pop one in and down it – I can have those at my desk between phone calls! 😉 I knew what you meant about the Coke ROFL!

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