Finding the positive in every day

While today was far from perfect, we did have our share of victories as well.  I wanted to share two of them with you all. 

Personally, I feel that it’s really, really important to try and find some positive in every single day. 

I totally understand that it’s not always possible and it’s certainly not easy to focus on something positive, especially when things are at their worst.  This is just something that I have taken on as a personal challenge.

Today’s victory is the fact that there were moments in the day where I watched my kids getting along really well.  Gavin and Emmett were working on a Lego thing and then Elliott and Emmett were sharing the iPad together.

It’s moments like this that really help me through the darker, more unpleasant times.

I would certainly encourage you all to try to find something positive to focus on each day. It won’t always be possible, trust me, I know. If you can however, it does really seem to help.

Something I would never do is criticize someone for being unable to see the positive. All of our journeys are different and the paths we take are different as well. Some of us have more bumps in the road and some of us have a smoother ride.

This is just something that I’m trying really hard to do.

I wish you all the very best. 🙂



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