Sick and Tired -

Sick and Tired

Lizze and I had some time to ourselves this afternoon while the boys were with my parents.  We had a really long night last night with Emmett and we were exhausted.

The title of this post is sort of play on words. 

Lizze hasn’t been feeling well the past couple of days and today she was pretty sick.  I was really tired from being up so late with Emmett last night. 

Put us together and we’re Sick and Tired. Pretty lame, right? I know, it’s just that kind of day. 😛

On of the things I wanted to do today, besides watching another Stephen King movie, was get Lizze out of the house. Since we’re broke as a joke, whatever we did would have to be free. 

I know that stress is a huge component in Lizze’s pain and suffering, so I wanted to help her escape from that stress for a little while. The only thing that seems to do this is photography.  Whenever she’s taking pictures, she’s stress free and happy.

I took her to the park and we walked around for a little while. The walk turned into a mini expedition, as we followed a trail through the woods of Stadium Park.

Lizze was in 7th heaven as she took pictures of everything in sight.

Be sure to check out her blog at My Life Beyond Labels and see the pictures she took.

Below are some pictures I took and edited on my android phone. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these.  🙂










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First, Stephen King is awesome, so kudos to the two of you for good taste.
Second, when raising a special needs child one learns the importance of family. It really does make a big difference when there is family around to help pitch in and give us parents a break every once in a while because sometimes we do need it.
Third, those pictures are really, really good. I’m honestly impressed. As someone who likes to dabble in photography, I can appreciate someone with a good eye for those things. And those pictures you took are really good too. It’s impressive just how good of quality one can get with an android phone. Some people can’t take pictures that clear with an actual camera.


These are very, very good. I see her passion for it in those photos. Awesome eye Lizzie! Glad you guys got a little R&R from the grind and were able to destress a bit.

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