The cute things my kids with #Autism do

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I love my kids. They do the most interesting things.  At random moments in my life, I stumble upon scenes such as this.  Sometimes there is an explanation and other times it’s just something that screams, “hey I was here!!”

How many of you have scenes similar to this, playing out in your homes? I would love to hear about your experience with things like this.

When I stumble upon things like this, I can’t help but smile. 🙂


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What’s even worse is when you have aspie parents funding the drive for their kids collections. Both my husband and I have to struggle with not getting our kids EVERY TOY in the series. My sweet daughter has amassed over 50 Build a Bears which some of them we have found at the goodwill. She sold her collection of Littlest Pet Shops to get some Pony Royale’s Thank goodness there are only 12 of those in a series. She has always arranged her toys in many ways. At one point they were building a slate rock enclosure at her school and the janitor would give her the rock chips and she would make these amazing mosaic designs with her over 200 chips and she was 5! I am so glad I took pictures of those designs. We have more stuffed animals watching TV or going to school in our house than real people. On one hand it is so fun and comical, on the other hand the mess can get overwhelming for them to clean. I forgot to mention my son’s car collection which includes about 150 hot wheels and about 100 various other cars which he used to line up throughout the house and it was almost 70 feet long.

Jodi Langston

Our house is over come with Angry birds and Mario brothers plush toys. We have various sizes of various characters and I fund them everywhere!! Find a miniature mushroom figure in my shoe this morning on the way to work 😉