Why I’m grateful my son receives IVIG

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In a few short hours, Gavin will be on his way to Akron Children’s Hospital for his monthly IVIG Infusion.

Lizze will likely be taking him this time because it’s far easier on her to go than stay home will Elliott and Emmett. The E’s and I will be hanging out in the morning, while Lizze and Gavin pay their visit to the outpatient infusion lab.

We are quickly approaching the 3rd anniversary of Gavin’s primary immunodeficiency diagnosis and his very first IVIG Infusion.


Come the first week of January, it’ll be 3 years down and a lifetime left to go. The keyword being lifetime.

Finding out when your son is 11 years old that he no longer has a functioning immune system is devastating. There is no cure and it will never get better. If fact, in his case, it seems to only get worse.

With that said, I’m so incredibly grateful that his condition is at least treatable.

So many kids and their parents are facing things far worse.  That’s not to say that lacking an immune system is a walk in the park and keep in mind that PI is only one of Gavin’s growing list of extremely rare disorders, but hopefully you get my point.

Right now, in this moment in time, Gavin’s condition is treatable.

Every single time we show up to the pediatric oncology floor, I realize just how much worse it could really be.

Life is all about perspective.

My thoughts in the morning will be with Gavin as he receives his 4 or 5 hour long infusion of donor antibodies.

Thankfully, he usually does really well and with any luck, this time won’t be an exception. 

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes when Lizze and Gavin arrive home.  Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers because his immune system has been getting progressively worse and they will be doing more lab work this time a well.  The recent increase in his IVIG dosage seems to be stabilizing things so far and that’s a really good thing.  🙂

Thank You Lizze for driving him there and thank you Akron Children’s Hospital for taking such good care of him.

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