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Update: In a rather stunning duh moment, I neglected to share that from what I have been told, the puppy is doing okay. I don’t know details as I haven’t seen the dog since this whole thing happened yesterday. However, considering what that poor thing endured yesterday, I’ll gladly accept “okay”.

I wanted to update you all as to what’s happened since everything went down yesterday and we had our third vicious dog attack of the summer.

I spoke with my neighbor and he informed me that the dog warden was out to visit the owners of the poor puppy that was viciously mauled by the male Blue Nose Pitbull yesterday afternoon.


The dog warden will be coming back to deal with the owners of the violent, very, very dog aggressive Blue Pit.

Statement will also be taken from all witnesses to these attacks.  I can provide statements for two of the three attacks. 

The goal of the neighborhood is to have this vicious dog removed from its owner and subsequently our neighborhood. Unfortunately, it may end up being destroyed but honestly, that’s what’s best as this dog is extremely violent. 

You have to remember that one of these attacks involved very small children. That’s not something to be taken lightly. 

I’ll let you know what happens as I learn more about what the dog warden is going to be doing. 

Remember, the Pitbull breed itself is actually a very good breed, despite popular belief to the contrary. Unfortunately, their are really stupid people out there that use them for fighting and make them violent and dangerous.  Any animal can be made to be violent. 

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Sylvatine forestlakemommy I agree wholeheartedly with both of you.  Thanks 🙂


I am an animal lover, but people are more important than animals.  It the dog needs put down to keep the children safe so be it!


Glad to hear that it’s being looked into.  The owner of the attack dog is lucky that it didn’t go after a child during that whole situation, or she’d be losing a lot more than  her car. Your whole neighborhood can’t live in fear of the next time the dog will get out.