Update on the viciously mauled little puppy 8/12/2013

I just spoke with the owner of the poor little puppy that was viciously mauled by the male Blue Nose Pitbull last week.

The puppy is doing pretty well, all things considered.

You may recall from my earlier post that the Pitbull ripped off about an inch and a half of the puppy’s tail. I was told today that it will likely lose another inch and a half below when it had been torn and left dangling. 

They will be meeting with the dog warden in the morning and figure out how to proceed from there. 

Being that this is far from the first attack my this particular dog, it will likely be destroyed.  It’s really sad but to be honest, it’s the right thing to do.  A dog like this is simply too dangerous to be around and the owners are not responsible enough to A) socialize the animal in the first place and B) keep it behind lock and key.

Unfortunately, when a dog that powerful is made to be that dangerous by bad people, there’s nothing that can be done and you have to protect the public interest. 

I’ll let you know more as I learn it. 


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Rebecca Bishop Curriden

It is sad that there is no other choice, but the problem still lies that the owner would be allowed to raise another animal like that one. To end the problem, they have to go to the root of it. Also, the owner should be responsible for all the damages to the poor little guy that was mauled. Blessing to you and yours…

Kim Waite-Williams

Thanks for keeping us posted. I hope he has a full recovery, and isn’t scared of other dogs after this.


MelissaHavener no problem.  We have an English Staffy, so I know it’s not the breed.  🙂


Thank you Thank you for not blaming the breed!