It’s a cat-astrophe

Every night when Emmett goes to bed, he puts his glasses on top of his dresser. Every morning when he wakes up, the first thing he does is put his glasses right back on.

However, this morning was different.

When he reached up for his glasses they were gone.  By the time we were able to locate them, it was too late.  This is what we found. 


There is only one creature in our entire house capable of doing this act of depravity to Emmett’s glasses. 

The guilty party was none other than the klepto-kitty himself, Blue. 

Blue is the cat that was guilty of stealing my last bluetooth headset and chewing it up. He steals the kids toys and runs off to chew them up as well. 

This sucks and it means we need to replace his glasses.  It also means that we need to start putting them in his drawer at night. 

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Couldn’t you just get a replacement strap?